Saving you Time and Money when you Shop Online

Product Overview

PriceGong is all about saving you time and money when you are shopping online. PriceGong was designed from the ground up to make your online shopping experience simple, time efficient and fun. With PriceGong you can always be sure that you're getting the best deals from the best online retailers.

How does it work?

While you are shopping in your favorite online stores, PriceGong identifies the exact product you are searching for and inserts a small separate browser window (known as a slider) in the bottom right corner of your existing browser. Using our extensive partners’ network, PriceGong scans thousands of online stores to find the best online deals for the products you are searching for, and displays them in the PriceGong slider window. For every product you search, PriceGong will show you alternative deals plus additional information regarding the products and retailers, enabling you to make better and more informed shopping decisions.

The best deal is not always the cheapest.

We at PriceGong understand that customers define great deals by more than just price. To help you make smarter and more informed decisions, PriceGong offers:

  • Product Rating: Objective ratings of the product by fellow online customers.
  • Accurate Price Totals: See the real price of what you're buying, with no hidden charges or fees.
  • Product Description: Detailed description of the product with direct links to the retailer's website providing even further product information and specifications.
  • Store Rating: Objective ratings for each online store by fellow online customers.

How can I get PriceGong?

PriceGong is totally free, and absolutely safe. It is simple and quick to install on your computer, and can be completely uninstalled at any time. To download PriceGong now, Click Here.